About us

Indianapolis Badge & Nameplate Company was founded in 1948 and has operated continuously since then.  The company was started by Walter Jones (shown in the background of the photo above) who had previously worked for the George J. Mayer Company of Indianapolis.  Many of the dies of the Mayer Company ended up at Indianapolis Badge & Nameplate when it closed in the 1950’s.

Norman Kelly of Indianapolis purchased the company in the 1960’s and then sold it to Daniel M. Crichlow, Doug Crichlow and David Crichlow in 1976.  David Crichlow remains as the owner and president today.

The company’s original location was on Indianapolis’ near east side at 3823 Massachusetts Avenue.  In 1978 the company relocated to 25 McLean Place in Indianapolis and remained there until February of 2018 when it moved to its present location.

Originally Indianapolis Badge & Nameplate specialized in the manufacturing of stamped metal dog tax tags and swimming pool tags.  Over the years the product line expanded to all kinds of identification products including nameplates, engraved tags and signs.

Indianapolis Badge & Nameplate combines numerous materials (metals and plastics) and processes (stamping, embossing, etching, engraving, silk screening, photo anodizing, etc.) to produce custom products for a wide range of customer applications.

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