Photo Anodizing

Custom photo anodized nameplates

MIL-Spec Nameplates, Nameplates, Photo Duplication, Signs, Tags, Name Badges


Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum


Photo anodizing can be used in interior and exterior environments.
Generally photo anodizing produces a black image on various colors of aluminum such as silver, red, gold, blue and green. Materials are also available with satin, matte or gloss finishes. Color graphics can be added by using special screen printing inks. Standard colors and custom colors are available.

Photo anodizing is a highly durable method of printing text, graphics and grayscale images (like photos) on aluminum that has been pretreated with light sensitive chemicals. Graphic film is used to block out or expose desired areas of the material to print the image before it is run through a developing process, much like film. Not only is the image very durable but also duplicates the quality of the artwork onto the aluminum. Once the image is exposed and developed it is run through an anodic sealing process that impregnates the image into the aluminum.