Engraving & Routing

Router / engraver, engraving custom plastic tags

Tags, Nameplates, Signs, Plaques


Plastics, Anodized Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Cold Rolled Steel

Computerized Rotary: Computerized rotary engraving uses a metal cutter rotating in a spindle and controlled by a computer to engrave logos, text and numbers up to .020” deep primarily into laminated plastic and color anodized aluminum to leave a contrasting and durable image.

Rotary engraving is a good alternative when there are many text changes like a list of names or random numbers.

Laser: Laser engraving is done on special materials that respond to a computer controlled laser to produce images or to cut through material. Laser engraving is usually done on laminated plastic or color anodized aluminum to produce a contrasting image. Laser engraving is generally not as deep as rotary engraving but is better for complicated graphics and usually produces a cleaner and sharper image than rotary engraving.

Specially prepared brass, stainless steel and cold rolled steel can also be laser engraved.